Router Table Plate

Choosing a Router Table Plate for Your Router Table Project

Even with the router removed from the table, it’s just as well to leave the baseplate attached when doing trimwork by hand. The baseplate gives you a larger surface to hang on to.

Matching a Router Table Plate to Your Router

It would be nice if all routers fit the same plate – but such is not the case. Finding a router table plate (or making one) to fit your particular router will take a little bit of investigative work on your part to find the right match. For example, Rockler provides up to six different router plate options based on the router manufacturer and model. Each has a different mounting hole configuration to fit just about every router made. If your router isn’t listed, you can also buy a blank (undrilled) plate that can be customized to fit your particular router. The following router table plates are available at

Group A Routers (#24060), with 3-1/4” Plate Opening:

Makita 1100; Milwaukee 5615-5624; DeWalt 616-618; Bosch 1617-1618, 1617 EVS; Rigid 2930 Combo Kit; Porter Cable 690, 890, 7529, 97529, 8529; Hitachi M12VC (Fixed & Kit).

Group B Routers (#27556), with 3-1/4” Plate Opening

DeWalt DW621, DW621k; Crafstman Standard; Freud FT1700E. 1702VCEK

Group C Routers (#27563), with 3-11/16” Plate Opening

Porter-Cable 7518,7519, 7538, & 7539; Milwaukee 5625-20; Triton TRA001 and MOF001

Group D Routers (#28347), with 3-11/16” Plate Opening

Bosch 1619-1619EVS, Freud FT2000; DeWalt 625 Standard Blank Plate (#24883), with 3-1/4” Plate Opening: Blank plate option for drilling custom mounting holes for standard size routers.

Large Blank Plate (#24892), with 3-11/16” Plate Opening

Blank plate option for drilling custom mounting holes for larger routers.

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